PopShield Armor Hard Protectors 4 pack!

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Introducing THE BEST Pop protector in the business: PopShield Armor. Built using strong acrylic and a magnetic lid, these stackable hard protectors give your most prized 4-inch vinyl collectibles the protection they deserve.

Features include:

  • Magnetic lid for a strong seal and easy access. 
  • Stacking ability for display and storage purposes.
  • Made with extra-thick crystal clear acrylic.
  • 4-inch collectibles fit perfectly with no room to move around.

DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ: We've found that a very small percentage (less than 1%) of older Pops where the box tends to bulge out more than usual are tough to get in and out of the PopShield Armor. We are aware of this and are working on adjusting the mold which will give the box a slightly bigger opening to account for these types of Pop box issues without leaving space for standard Pop boxes to move around inside the case. If you experience a Pop that requires significant pressure to get into the Armor, DO NOT keep pushing it down. The last thing we want is for anybody to damage their Pop or get it stuck in the case!

With plastics manufacturing, especially injection molded plastic which is used to make PopShield Armor, there will often be light scratches, minor blemishes, or "weld" lines. There may also be a small chip or tiny nub of plastic at the injection point on the back of the lid. When considering your purchase, please understand that these minor issues are a real possibility and that we will not be accepting returns on PopShield Armor unless there is significant damage to the plastic, or the protector is broken or defective.